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Why Join Hands in Health?


To become a member and maintain membership status in HIH, students must*:

1.   Demonstrate a spirit of service,

2.   Exemplify character through personal integrity and professional attitude,

3.   Attend or assist with at least 1 fundraising event per semester,

4.   Attend activities, meetings, and events to achieve at least 5 service hours per semester, and

5.   Be in good financial standing with the organization.


Hands in Health is a student organization with the purpose of advancing the professional competency and dedication of individual members with an interest in health and wellness


Hands in Health encompasses objectives such as facilitating communication and discussion among students and professionals representing various public health organizations, motivating service to the community by developing, implementing, and evaluating health education/promotion materials and programs in consultation with community partners and the faculty sponsor, hosting regular meetings and inviting guest speakers from diverse health professions, and assisting students in networking with public health professionals by providing shadowing and mentoring opportunities.


We are open to all majors! Anyone interested health/ health outcomes can join. It is an inter-disciplinary organization and has so many opportunities to networking and scholarship opportunities. 


As a member you have a chance to be initiated to ESG. In that you have many research opportunities through different organizations such as SOPHE and APHA. You also get a cord for graduation!

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